Infinite Technology Solutions (I.T.S)

Helping Clients Create the Future combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results.

Our Services are:

✓ Infinite Vision CCTV Surveillance System

✓ Burglar Alarm System for Commercial & Residential

✓ Computer, Laptop Sales & Service, Brand New & Refurbished

✓ Computer, Laptop Repair, Server Maintenance & Upgrading

✓ Hardware and Software Sales of Windows

✓ Network Security & Consultation

✓ Onsite I.T. Support & Annual Maintenance SLA

✓ Structural Cabling & Wireless Solution

✓ Biometric Time Attendance Machine Face & Fingerprint

✓ Website Designing & Hosting, Email Hosting Cloud Online Login

✓ VMS Point Of Sale Setup & MYOB Support

At I.T.S. we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset who can help us achieve our goals, serve our clients and provide satisfactory services to all our customers. Therefore we value our employees highly and strive to achieve a healthy relationship among our clients and employees to provide efficient and credible IT services.

When facilitating the development of management visions, we use five themes:

   Partnership Challenges: What clients (and internal customers) expect of us related to their business and their relationship with the organization.

   Resource Management Challenges: How our resources (money, time, etc.) are created, utilized and tracked.

   Product Design Challenges: What we do to design, build and deliver products that customers will then own.

   Operational Services Challenges: How we provide ongoing services, both to clients and internally.

   People Management Challenges: The way the organization treats its staff.